Old World Moulding

For those who love pomp and circumstance, Old World homes are the way to go. These European style residences are not budget-friendly, but they are impressive and sure to please. Inside and out, they give off a sense of luxury and extravagance. They are large, with stucco and stone facades, many stories, turret towers, steep… Read more

Rustic Moulding

Rustic homes are all about the great outdoors. They are favorites of outdoors lovers and are often found in secluded areas that have more animal neighbors than human ones. Rustic homes, also known as “mountain homes,” do not have one particular architectural style, but instead take from many different styles and lend to them a… Read more

French Country Style Moulding

French Country style homes (or French Provincial, as they are also sometimes referred to) come in a wide variety of styles. There is no one exact look these homes have. They can take on forms ranging from a cute, simple farmhouse to a stately chateau. That is a huge jump. However, there are still common… Read more

Craftsman Style Moulding

Perhaps you haven’t heard of a craftsman style home, but you are probably familiar with the term “bungalow.” Bungalows got their start in the early 1900s on the laid back west coast— California to be exact— and they are an ideal choice for anyone who is on a restricted budget or simply has no need… Read more

Colonial Style Moulding

Colonial style moulding dates back to the early designs of New England in the 1800s. It can be found in most traditional colonial style homes. It is a popular choice for moulding remodeling in general because of its mixed origins. It sits right between the grand and somewhat imposing Georgian styles and the more humble… Read more

Old World Style Doors

A man’s home is his castle, or so the saying goes. And Old World style homes combine both, having multi-story homes that use such design elements as turret towers, giving the look of the ancient castle to the home. Also known as the European style, the name comes from the Old World that was Europe,… Read more

Incorporating Rustic Style Doors into Your Home

Doors have character, and say more about your home than you may realize. If you want to have your home celebrate and embrace the beauty and spirit of nature, one of the ways available is by having Rustic style doors. As the name implies, Rustic style homes tend to use natural elements such as timber… Read more

Installing French Country Style Doors

As you can tell from the name, the French Country style of architecture comes from the rural countryside of France. Sometimes called French Provincial, house designs are typically small manor homes and are similar to the Tudor style homes. But while the French Country style has a rustic farmhouse look, it also can be found… Read more

All About Craftsman Doors

Simple and unpretentious, Craftsman style doors are also known as cottage doors and are typically for homes that are more bungalow style. The Craftsman period of architecture in America started in the late 19th Century, just as we were winding down from the Victorian era. Originating in California, the Craftsman style was used for smaller… Read more

Contemporary Home Designs and Doors

Contemporary doors are there to be opened. The concept of what is considered modern design in architecture focuses on the idea of the form following the function, that the design should be based on the purpose. Modern architecture started in the 20th Century and is the primary style for most buildings even today. As a… Read more