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Benefits of Having a Pantry Door

Many houses don’t have a pantry, a sad thing to be sure.  But for houses that are lucky enough to have a pantry, you may want to get a pantry door.  Or, if you want to add on a pantry to your kitchen, add on a door to those plans.  Why?  Pantry doors today aren’t what you thought they were.

Do a quick search online and you’ll quickly see all the different pantry doors available.  The varieties are downright astounding.  No longer is a door just a door.  Instead, they can be transformed into something that provides a useful function.  Clip your grocery list to the outside of the door so you always remember to check the pantry for shopping items before you leave.  Have particular items that need to remain dry or in a dark place?  Including a pantry door allows you to close off this area and help add to the shelf life of those particular items.

A pantry door leads into an area where you keep all your extra food, from flour to spices to oils.  Having a pantry door provides you with a better way of ensuring some of the aesthetic value of your home.  By keeping it closed off, the area outside can have a smoother look rather than the abrupt shift into another room full of items.  The sudden transition can distract people looking to buy your home and put the idea of “clutter” into their minds (depending upon how organized your pantry is, of course!).  At the same time, you can use an eye-catching door to help show off your pantry.  Handling it the right way can really lure in a potential buyer!

One of the big reasons to install a pantry door is, naturally, to keep children and pets out of areas they shouldn’t be.  If you have cats or dogs that love to get into bags of food, a pantry door will ensure they stay out.  Likewise, if pets like to get into areas and play with things they shouldn’t, pantry doors will keep them on the right side.  Children will love to eat up a whole jar of cookies if they can, and young children will go after anything on a low shelf.  By installing a pantry door, you can put a lid on all your worries.

If you have a nice pantry, give it an added boost with the addition of a fine pantry door.