Glass Options for Doors

Glass Door
SQ-0005-D064 left, SQ-0200-D008 right

Doors with glass are commonly referred to as “lited doors” and individual panes of glass are called “lites.” Sun Mountain offers 25+ glass styles for door applications, and can source additional custom glass styles upon request. All door glass, for both interior and exterior applications, is tempered for both safety and building code compliance. In some cases, the most decorative glass styles cannot be tempered. With these styles of glass, the decorative glass is sandwiched between two panes of clear tempered glass—thereby achieving both the desired design and the required safety and building code compliance.

Interior doors are normally made with 1/4″ thick single pane glass (called “single glaze” or SG glass). Exterior doors generally use 1/2″ or 5/8″ thick “insulated glass” (called IG), with two or three panes hermetically sealed and separated by dry airspace. IG reduces heat and cold transfer through the glass, significantly reducing heating and air conditioning costs. IG also reduces interior condensation in cold conditions. Thermal performance can be further improved with “Low-E” (or low emissivity) glass.

For highly custom glass, such as stained glass or any other one-of-a-kind glass, Sun Mountain can build the door “open for glass,” meaning ready for insertion of the custom glass (to be installed on the jobsite). Sun Mountain can design and size the door to fit the custom glass, or can provide the artist or other source the glass dimensions to fit the chosen door.

Sun Mountain’s most popular glass styles are shown here.