Sidelites + Transoms

Direct Set Entry System

Entry doors can make a compelling statement. They can convey style, elegance, and warmth, and create a striking first impression. Sun Mountain provides a nearly unlimited selection of door sidelites and transom treatments to enhance entryways.


Sidelites are tall, narrow windows on one or both sides of the door. They add substance to the entry, making the doorway appear wider and more prominent. Sidelites invite natural light through the front entry, making the foyer of the home brighter and more airy.


A transom is a window above the door. Transoms add to the overall height and stature of the doorway. They can be square or arched in a variety of ways. They can also be designed to match the architectural style of the home, or be set apart to add a unique design element to the front of the home.


The term “direct set” originated in the window industry, and means glass directly mounted into a wood or metal frame, becoming non-opening glass. For doors, the term has the same meaning, but refers to the application of glass in a sidelite or transom system, or a combined sidelite/transom (called a “surround”). Sun Mountain manufactures direct set sidelites, transoms, and surrounds, with all four sides of the glass “jambed” or mounted in a wood frame.


Sun Mountain offers a variety of glass styles to control the privacy level and amount of natural light allowed through the sidelites and transoms of the entry. Glass options range from clear to fully opaque, with a large collection of decorative styles to complement unique designs.

Drawings of some of the unique sidelite and transom systems manufactured by Sun Mountain are shown here.