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Burglar Proof Your Sliding Door

Sliding doors are most often made of glass and tend to lead out onto patios, balconies, and other open areas.  They’re a great way of bringing a lot of natural light into any room, and the sliding design of the door ensures an easy in, easy out entry into your home.  But you don’t want this same easy-in entry for unwanted people.  Sliding doors aren’t quite the same as traditional doors, so when you go through your home and examine all the ways someone might be able to get in, don’t forget to check your sliding door!

In order to make sure your sliding door isn’t a simple way into your home for intruders, there are several things you should look to.  Start by checking the lock on your sliding door.  Traditional doors often come with a lock in the door knob as well as a deadbolt above.  You can’t get the power of a deadbolt in a sliding door, but a good lock can go a long way.  Make sure this lock is in place at night or any time you leave your home.

Double check the strength of your sliding door.  Does it rattle in its frame?  How old is the glass?  Is it just one sheet of weak glass?  If something about your sliding door makes you feel uncomfortable when it comes to the thought of someone breaking into your home, it may be time for a new one.  Thicker glass, a door that is securely in its frame and with a strong lock all make for a high quality sliding door.

You can also hinder any intruders further by adding in a screen sliding door outside of the main sliding door.  Make sure this screen door can also lock in place.  A screen may not seem like much, but it is an added obstacle that a person must get through, and this can mean making enough noise or taking enough time to get caught.

Finally, obtain a thick square length of wood or metal that you can set into the sliding door’s track at night or when you leave the house.  Make sure it’s a durable piece and fits snugly inside of the track from the wall to the edge of the door.  Even if a potential intruder manages to break the lock on the door, the piece of wood or metal will keep the door from opening by blocking the track it slides on.  Because the piece is inside the house, there is no way for the intruder to remove it.

Use these tips to keep your sliding glass door a no-burglar entryway!