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Tudor Moulding: Matching the Architectural Motif of Your Home

Whether you’re interested in making changes to your current home or finding new ways to improve it, making sure you choose elements that match may seem like a bit of a challenge.  To be sure, there are many different ways you can improve your home or transform it into something with a completely new look.  Moulding is one of these elements that you can look into.  You may be surprised at the difference moulding can make in a home.

If you already have a Tudor style home, incorporating Tudor moulding into certain areas should be relatively easy because the designs will complement each other.  Tudor houses take the old medieval houses that appeared in the 1500s and bring them back to life (with some modern improvements, of course).  Interestingly enough, this doesn’t necessarily mean one particular style of home.  Because there is no single house type from that era to copy, Tudor homes can actually range in their overall design.  One home may try to replicate a cozy cottage whereas another may create a mansion with a palace as inspiration.

If you aren’t sure you have a Tudor home, consider some of the following elements.  You’ll need to have a solid idea of whether or not Tudor moulding will match well with your home before making any final decisions.  Does your home use brickwork or stone and exposed wood?  Are the windows tall and narrow?  Do you have any chimneys?  Do they have decorative chimney pots at the top?  Are there any arched doorways?  Any ornate mantles?  Your home does not need to have all of these things in order to be a Tudor home, but it can make identifying the house style much easier.

Tudor moulding can include smaller pieces or larger ones for a really decorative style.  If you aren’t sure if Tudor moulding will blend well with your home, see if you can get the advice of an expert.  You can also obtain sample pieces and set them up in your home for an actual glimpse at what the finished result might look like.  You don’t have to have a Tudor style home in order for Tudor moulding to work, as it can match well with other architectural motifs.  It can work especially well with homes inspired by various medieval styles.  Just take the time to make sure before starting your newest home improvement project!