Speakeasies + Iron Grilles


Thompson Speakeasy

Speakeasy Tops

A speakeasy is small window cut into an entry door at eye level, used for secure greeting of visitors (with the term originating during the Prohibition era of the 1920s in the United States)—an eye-catching and functional addition to the door. Sun Mountain’s speakeasies can be constructed in three different styles—with square, flat arch, or true arch tops—and can be made with either glass or no glass. If glass is included, the glass is typically clear and insulated (or IG). The speakeasy includes a door with latch, and the door always opens to the interior of the home.

Speakeasies are typically centered at 60″ from the bottom of the door. Speakeasy dimensions are 11-1/2″ wide by 13-1/4″ high, measured from the outside of the frame.Speakeasy Location



Wrought iron grilles add a distinctive Old World touch to a wood door. Grilles are attached on the door or sidelites providing security for glass. Sun Mountain offers grilles in several distinctive styles to match the door or architectural design. The grilles are black in color and are powder-coated for durability. Speakeasy doors typically include a small grille, while larger grilles are normally used over glass panes on the door or sidelites. In addition to the standard speakeasy grille designs shown here, Sun Mountain can source custom ironwork to meet unique needs.

Custom Iron Grille