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Where is Plantation Moulding Used?

A lot can be said for plantation moulding.  The variety it provides.  The elegance it can help bring to your home.  A little moulding can go a long way.  It’s a simple yet stately style that has a lot to say and can really add personality to a home.  But where should you install plantation moulding?  Moreover, where did this particular moulding come from and how does that relate to your home now?

Plantation moulding gets its name from the stunning plantation homes that grew up in the South.  Before the Civil War, homes were inspired by many things.  Cotton growers who made a great deal of money weren’t afraid to show off their wealth with massive houses and stylish designs.  At the time, these homes typically had a “French Colonial” look that had been popular in the late 1700s and early 1800s.  To add to that, houses included large pillars similar to Greek architecture.  Homes included open porches and equally wide and open balconies.  One could find numerous styles inside, from beautiful arched windows to graceful French doors.

Of course, these homes wouldn’t be complete without their plantation moulding.  This type of moulding was and can still be used in many ways.  From floors to windows, moulding will enhance their look and overall style – even some of the ways that light and shadows act in certain areas.  Plantation moulding has a kind of tiered look, which can provide some interesting overall designs to the room.  You can be sure that once installed, people will take one look at it and be impressed.

Obviously, if you have a grand plantation home in the south that needs some home improvements, plantation moulding is an excellent choice.  Because plantation moulding has several tiers to its design, it may not be right for every home.  Before making any final choices, you should walk through your home and consider what you want it to look like.  Will plantation moulding be too much?  Certain moulding types tend to demand a home with a certain style or architectural type.  If you aren’t sure, you can always contact a professional and ask for their advice.

Not everyone owns a plantation home today.  Many of these old houses were destroyed during the Civil War.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty that plantation moulding has to offer.  Consider your house style, the rooms you want to work with, and see if plantation moulding is the right kind of moulding for you needs.