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Which Wood Species of Hardwood Flooring is Best for Your Home?

Thinking about installing a brand new hardwood floor in your home?  It’s a great way to really boost the beauty to any house.  It can add personality and character, and help brighten a room, or tie in a motif.  The biggest question many people have regards which wood species they should use for their home.  With so many great choices, it’s a very valid question.

The biggest factor people tend to consider is just how wood will look in their home.  This is natural to wonder due to the high variations in wood color and grain.  Some are dark with rich cherry colors.  Others are lighter with honey tones.  There are a lot of considerations you can take into account when making a decision with regard to hardwood flooring.  One is according to what type of home you have.  Most houses are able to get away with hardwood flooring, but some have a kind of style that almost demands a particular type of flooring.  This is not always due to style, but instead how the house is constructed.

Other things you can consider primarily deal with the room or area that the flooring will be installed in.  Are there a lot of windows?  If not, a dark wood floor will only serve to darken the room more.  Consider Walnut or White Oak instead.  Do you have other accents or areas of the home that will complement the wood flooring?  Or would you rather have contrasting coloring?  These are the decisions that will be up to you, though it never hurts to get a second opinion.

Choosing a hardwood floor isn’t just about looks.  It’s also about durability.  While one house may only have a single person walking around, others may have entire families.  Generally, the wood used in flooring is well-treated to provide maximum durability.  Different companies use varying methodologies.  However, the hardness of the wood itself is a factor you may want to consider.  American Black Cherry is the softest whereas Ebony is one of the hardest with Brazilian Walnut not far behind.  How much traffic do you think your floor will get?  Do you have a lot of visitors?  Children?  Don’t forget to consider pets as well.

If at any time you aren’t sure about your choices of wood, ask professionals for help.  They can point out things you may have missed and can provide you with additional knowledge of which wood will work the best for your home.