Wood Finishing

Factory-applied wood finishing (sometimes called “pre-finishing”) is a hallmark of Sun Mountain. The company’s wood finishing experience began over 25 years ago, and its finishes are renowned in the door industry. Sun Mountain offers the highest quality factory-applied stains and glazes—available in a large selection of standard colors, or custom color matched to taste. Sun Mountain’s wood finishes are “fine-furniture” quality, providing much higher quality and lower cost than on-site painting. And the company’s finished wood products are ready to install, adding value by reducing time and scheduling in the construction process. Sun Mountain’s warranty for interior doors is extended from one year to five years with factory pre-finishing.

A summary of Sun Mountain’s wood finishing process and strengths includes:

  • A minimum of 30 minutes per door hand-sanding—ensuring grain closure and perfect preparation prior to finishing
  • Top quality catalyzed conversion and UV (Ultra-Violet) varnish systems (similar to high-end pre-finished cabinets and fine furniture)
  • Proprietary stain formulas, created specifically for Sun Mountain’s manufacturing environment and applied using HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) and air-assisted spray guns—ensuring even tones with no blotchiness
  • A “clean room,” dust-free environment not achievable on the jobsite—preventing small dust and dirt particles from settling on the product before drying
  • Six-sided coating, providing moisture seal on all sides (Sun Mountain’s door warranty for interior doors increases from one year to five years on doors finished at the factory)
  • A broad selection of standard finishes including clear coat, stains, hand-applied glazes, and exterior topcoats
  • Custom color matching
  • Lower cost than on-site painting

Select species and desired color palette below to see Sun Mountain’s standard wood finishes. Select multiple species to compare. (Finishes shown here are available on Sun Mountain doors, mouldings, and wood beams.)

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