Door Sticking + Panel Profiles

Door ProfileApplied Moulding Detail

Sun Mountain offers an extensive collection of over 90 door sticking and panel profiles to match any design style. And, many profile designs can be beautifully accentuated with an applied moulding.


“Sticking” is the decorative profile on the edge of the stiles and rails (the vertical and horizontal frames of the door respectively) where they meet the panel. Sun Mountain manufactures a variety of sticking profiles and denotes these alphabetically:

A Sticking = Square
C Sticking = Curved, Concave and Convex (also known as “ogee” or “waterfall”)
O Sticking = Ovolo, Convex
ST Sticking = Step
T Sticking = Bevel


“Panels” are the large flat and wide components of the door. Sun Mountain’s panels are solid wood, versus lower quality products with thin veneers glued or bladder-pressed over a plywood core. Panels greater than 1-1/4″ thick are manufactured with two-piece solid wood construction to resist warping and cracking. Sun Mountain manufactures a variety of panel profiles and denotes these numerically:

Number 1 = Flat Panel, 3/4″ Thick
Number 2 = Flat Panel with V-Grooves, 3/4″ Thick
Number 4 = Raised Panel with Narrow Convex Hip, 1″ Thick
Number 5 = Raised Panel with Wide Convex Hip, 1-3/4″ Thick
Number 6 = Raised Panel with Narrow Concave Hip, 1-1/2″ Thick
Number 7 = Flat Panel with V-Grooves, 1-1/2″ Thick
Number 8 = Flat Panel with V-Grooves, 1-3/4″ Thick


An applied moulding is an optional decorative trim, attached where the panels meet the stiles and rails (the vertical and horizontal frames of the door respectively), or to create a decorative pattern on the door. Sun Mountain manufactures over 30 applied moulding profiles and denotes these numerically preceded by “SM” (i.e., SM4, SM47, SM64, etc.).

Sun Mountain’s most popular profiles are illustrated here.