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When Did the Folding Door First Originate?

Folding doors can be extremely handy in a variety of places.  With just one shift, the door will fold right in half for you and tuck safely away.  There are many doors that appear throughout history, all with various functions, styles, and concepts.  So where did the folding door come from?  What is its purpose?  And why should it matter to you?

Folding doors are especially useful in areas where you simply don’t have the room to swing open a full door.  Places like closets, basement doors, kitchens, and other tight spots make an ideal location for a folding door.  Folding doors have been around for a surprisingly long time.  Guy E. Dixon founded a company in 1953 and placed the first patent on a wood folding door.  From there, his company continued to make folding doors of varying types.

During this time, folding doors grew steadily in popularity.  People began to see the benefits of a folding door.  No handle to turn, no wide swinging arc.  Folding doors allowed certain areas to be closed off when they couldn’t before.  They can be easily customized as well.  Just like regular doors, they can come in different wood types, different designs, and use different details to make them unique.  Folding doors were also popular because of the increase in homes with closets and other areas that needed non-traditional doors.

There were times when the popularity of folding doors began to wane, but it continues to come back because of its usefulness.  Their practicality and ability to save space continues to be recognized again and again.  Folding doors are not always needed for rooms either.  On some occasions, they can be used to hide certain areas or control the amount of light coming into a room.  Depending upon how the house is built, a folding door can be extremely useful and even less expensive than a traditional door.

The next time you find yourself staring at the small space in the bathroom or wondering what kind of door to put on your closet, consider the benefits of a folding door.  Their early emergence in the 1950s revealed to people how much space could be saved through their use.  It’s been over 50 years since the folding door appeared in homes, and ever since they’ve appeared in many more throughout the country.  This is one door that may be perfect for your home today.