Radius Muntins

A “muntin” is the narrow rigid strip of wood between adjacent glass panes on a door or window. Muntins can divide individual panes of glass (called True Divided Lite, or TDL), or may be manufactured as a grid overlaying a large single pane of glass (called Simulated Divided Lite, or SDL). Sun Mountain’s muntins are… Read more

Arched Rails

One of Sun Mountain’s custom door design options is arched rails, including arched lock and mid-door rails. (Rails are the door’s horizontal members.) Sun Mountain offers three “standard” arched rail styles: flat arch, cathedral arch, and circle arch rails. Arched rails provide near endless design opportunities, especially when used in multiples or combined with mullions… Read more

Adding Style with Box Beams

Exposed wood beams are a beautiful way to add dimension and character to a room and—depending on design, wood species, finish color, and distressing—can complement a variety of architectural motifs, from Traditional to Rustic to Industrial Chic. Box beams are hollow wood beams—three- or four-sided structures built to replicate solid beams. Sun Mountain manufactures custom… Read more

Arched Doors—a Central Feature of Many Design Motifs

The right doors are a key element in achieving continuity in your home’s design style, and a beautiful arched wood door may be exactly the right thing to accentuate your style. Arched doors are a defining feature of Tuscan, Mediterranean, French Country, and Mission Revival architecture—the Old World styles that incorporate stone, stucco, tile, terra… Read more

Distressed Wood

Sun Mountain can “distress” new wood, giving it an antique, time-worn look and feel. Using traditional and specialty tools and techniques, skilled artisans at Sun Mountain can produce different levels of distress. Standard distress options are: While distressing is especially dramatic on rustic (knotty) wood species, it can produce equally interesting effect when applied to… Read more

Dutch Doors: An Oldfangled Innovation

The Dutch door—a door divided into upper and lower halves that swing independently of each other—has been around since the 17th century, coming to the U.S. via its Dutch-settled colonies of New York and New Jersey. While it may seem a peculiar deviation from a door’s typical single slab construction, the Dutch door served a… Read more

Crossbucks: From Utilitarian Element to Design Feature

“Crossbucks” are diagonal “braces” placed on the panels of a stile and rail door, creating an “X” pattern on the face of the door. The crossbuck is most familiar as a feature of the iconic barns that dot the American landscape. When a single board is placed diagonally on the door, it is known as… Read more

Staining and Painting Poplar Doors

Sun Mountain offers the value-conscious customer Poplar as a wonderful choice for paint-grade application on solid wood doors. Because it is less expensive than other clear hardwood species like Mahogany, Cherry, Select Alder, and Sapele, Poplar is a desirable, higher-end alternative to doors made of MDF or other composite material. With a relatively straight grain… Read more

Reclaimed Wood

Sun Mountain offers reclaimed woods taken from old buildings, typically from the Appalachian Mountain region of the U.S.                    The company offers reclaimed White Oak, and also reclaimed Barnwood (typically a mixture of Red and White Oak). Reclaimed White Oak is lumber reclaimed from old buildings and re-milled into doors or… Read more

Sun Mountain Contemporary Doors

Modern or Contemporary home designs focus on simplification and elimination of undue ornamentation—facilitating functional, clutter-free living. These homes have open floor plans, odd or irregular shapes, flat roofs (often with multiple roof levels), minimal architectural touches, and oversized (often very tall) windows to welcome natural light.       Contemporary wood doors normally have square… Read more