Step-by-Step Process


The step-by-step process for purchasing custom wood products from Sun Mountain is as follows:

  1. Select the desired product and request a quote (or discuss a unique product design with Sun Mountain). This can be done via the Sun Mountain website, with a sales representative, with notes or drawings, or from plans provided by the architect or contractor.
  2. Sun Mountain will design the product and provide a free, no obligation quote—including specifications, engineering drawings (as applicable), lead times, and pricing.
  3. Sign the quote to accept for order.
  4. Pay a 50% deposit on the order, prior to production.
  5. Sun Mountain will manufacture the product, with the highest quality materials and construction.
  1. Sun Mountain will schedule shipment and delivery.
  2. Pay the final 50% of the order prior to shipment or, if a trade customer with established credit with Sun Mountain, final payment will be due according to terms.
  1. Sun Mountain will ship the product safely to the jobsite or business location.
  1. Sun Mountain will provide after-the-sale service as needed, backed by the company’s industry-leading product warranty.