Arched Doors

The exterior appearance of your house can make all the difference in the world.  Imagine how your home is viewed by those visiting, or merely driving by.  Choosing the right type of exterior door can make a huge difference in the updating or selling of your house.  There are many styles available to choose from. … Read more

Installing Interior Doors

If you’re not much of a handyman (or woman), the idea of installing a new door inside your home may sound intimidating.  However, with the proper tools, it is a task that can be easily accomplished, even for a novice.  Here’s what you need to hang an interior door: Your new door, measured and cut… Read more

Fire Doors Requirements

In the event of a fire, a fire door works to slow the spread of flames and smoke throughout the building so that the people within can escape safely.  Fire doors are typically used in commercial locations that require these stronger, fire-resistant doors to meet building codes.  These doors have a fire-resistance rating that is… Read more

Choosing an Exterior Door

You probably don’t give too much thought to exterior doors…that is, until you need a new one.  If you need a new front door for your home, you’re going to find that there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the perfect door.  You don’t want to put just any old thing up… Read more

How to Install Bi-Fold Doors

Typically used for closets, pantries, or other interior openings, bi-fold doors are two doors that slide together on a track in accordion fashion.  With the right tools and a little bit of time, you can install bi-fold doors yourself without having to call in a handyman. The first thing you do is measure the space… Read more

Glass Doors

When deciding on the type and style of a new, exterior glass front door, there are many things to keep in mind.  The way in which your home is decorated speaks volumes for your style and taste.  Aside from the aesthetic aspect of choosing a glass framed door, it’s important to know a few things… Read more

Choosing Louver Doors

Building a new home or renovating one you have come to love can be an extremely rewarding experience.  Your home is the ultimate expression of your personal sense of style and taste.  Choosing louver doors for your house’s interior may be the right move for you.  Available in many types and styles, louver doors provide… Read more

Pantry Doors

While some may not consider it a luxury, having a walk-in pantry in your kitchen really is just that.  Pantries provide extra space for storing food and other dry goods, and even some fruits and vegetables.  They free up valuable counter and cabinet space so you can utilize those areas for other purposes.  In addition… Read more

The History of Dutch Doors

Dutch doors, known for their separate top and bottom halves that can open and close independently of each other, are not necessarily common additions to a household, but they are certainly functional.  These doors are unique in that they are divided horizontally and can be opened only at the top half, the bottom half, or… Read more

Folding Door Systems

Folding doors are used to provide maximum openness in a room and seamless transition from indoors to outdoors or room to room.  Folding doors make wide open space possible when going from one room to another, and are perfect for access to decks and patios as well. With a folding door system, you have multiple… Read more