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Adding a Dutch Door to Your Home

Dutch doors are unique in the way they function, able to provide you with a bit of added open space while keeping the bottom half closed.  The Dutch door is divided horizontally so you can open and shut either half whenever you like.  Yet when you want, you can open it just like a traditional door.

Including a Dutch door in your home can be extremely useful.  Though their overall popularity has waned some, it is important not to ignore the versatility that a Dutch door can offer.  For people with small pets that want to get into areas they shouldn’t, a Dutch door can be the perfect answer.  Small pets won’t be able to jump or climb over the lower half of the door, but you can keep an eye on them with the top half open.

A Dutch door can also easily replace the need for a baby gate.  Instead of constantly removing the gate and replacing it, a Dutch door can give you an entire door when you need it, as well as just part of a door when you need to watch little ones while keeping them safely in a different room.  If you live in an area that has great weather, a Dutch door is a great way to let the beauty and perfect atmosphere into the house.

Dutch doors are excellent choices when it comes to doorways leading to kitchens or to the backyard.  But don’t think that you’re limited to these two areas.  You can put them wherever you like because they fit just like a traditional door.  The lower half includes the doorknob, and the top uses a simple latch to keep the door shut.  Some Dutch doors even have a small shelf on the lower half, which can be fun for serving guests at a get-together or kids playing in a different room.  The possibilities are endless!

Dutch doors come in a great variety of designs.  You can choose from different numbers of panels, or choose to have glass installed in the top half.  A Dutch door can also come in beautiful wood choices.  If you like, it can be painted in any color for some real personality.  Visitors may be surprised to learn that they didn’t just walk through a traditional door, but a Dutch door.  The next time you find yourself considering a door, look into all the things that a Dutch door can do for you and your home.