Burglar Proof Your Sliding Door

Sliding doors are most often made of glass and tend to lead out onto patios, balconies, and other open areas.  They’re a great way of bringing a lot of natural light into any room, and the sliding design of the door ensures an easy in, easy out entry into your home.  But you don’t want… Read more

Benefits of Having a Pantry Door

Many houses don’t have a pantry, a sad thing to be sure.  But for houses that are lucky enough to have a pantry, you may want to get a pantry door.  Or, if you want to add on a pantry to your kitchen, add on a door to those plans.  Why?  Pantry doors today aren’t… Read more

Adding a Dutch Door to Your Home

Dutch doors are unique in the way they function, able to provide you with a bit of added open space while keeping the bottom half closed.  The Dutch door is divided horizontally so you can open and shut either half whenever you like.  Yet when you want, you can open it just like a traditional… Read more

Which Wood Species of Hardwood Flooring is Best for Your Home?

Thinking about installing a brand new hardwood floor in your home?  It’s a great way to really boost the beauty to any house.  It can add personality and character, and help brighten a room, or tie in a motif.  The biggest question many people have regards which wood species they should use for their home. … Read more

Where is Plantation Moulding Used?

A lot can be said for plantation moulding.  The variety it provides.  The elegance it can help bring to your home.  A little moulding can go a long way.  It’s a simple yet stately style that has a lot to say and can really add personality to a home.  But where should you install plantation… Read more

When Did the Folding Door First Originate?

Folding doors can be extremely handy in a variety of places.  With just one shift, the door will fold right in half for you and tuck safely away.  There are many doors that appear throughout history, all with various functions, styles, and concepts.  So where did the folding door come from?  What is its purpose? … Read more

Tudor Moulding: Matching the Architectural Motif of Your Home

Whether you’re interested in making changes to your current home or finding new ways to improve it, making sure you choose elements that match may seem like a bit of a challenge.  To be sure, there are many different ways you can improve your home or transform it into something with a completely new look. … Read more

The First Tuscan Style Home

Tuscan homes can be very pretty and comfortable to live in.  But where did these types of homes come from?  It can be difficult to trace the line of history back to the very first Tuscan house, but what is possible is to see how the style evolved into what it is today.  Even better,… Read more

Seek the Natural Beauty of Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

There’s just something about hardwood flooring that makes people happy.  While carpeting is nice in many respects, hardwood flooring has its own merits.  The inclusion of a hardwood floor into a room can really transform it into something special. Hardwood floors come in all shapes and sizes, colors and grains.  Choosing a hardwood floor can… Read more

Is Your Home Right for Mission Moulding?

Knowing which moulding to install in your house can be confusing if you aren’t familiar with all the various types.  Start to look at too many moulding types and they may begin to look the same.  However, you need to take your time when considering moulding for your home.  Not every moulding will match well… Read more