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What to Look for In Colonial Style Interior Doors

The doors inside your home can make or break your entire décor, so whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to remodel, selecting the perfect style is important. More homes than ever before are going with colonial style interior doors, and with good reason. They can make almost any space look amazing, and thanks to… Read more

Rustic Home Trends: Interior Dutch Doors

Even if you’ve never owned one, Dutch doors have a special place in the hearts of many. They’re not only cute and versatile, but they tend to evoke memories of a simpler time in American life. Also called stable doors or split doors, they’re literally two doors in one – a door on the top… Read more

Rustic Kitchen Ideas

There’s nothing like strolling into a kitchen that you absolutely love. Rustic kitchens can easily be the kitchen you hope to have, and it doesn’t have to mean your entire kitchen has to be reorganized or destroyed. Rather, it’s simply a matter of making some smart decisions in order to find out what works best… Read more

Ideas We Love: Sliding Barn Doors

A sliding door can be extremely handy in many ways. It’s quick, quiet, and can look amazing when you choose the right door. Sliding barn doors – inside! – are the next coolest thing. That’s right – sliding barn doors inside of a house. It may sound odd at the start, but once you see… Read more

How to Pick the Right Type of Wood for Your Interior Design

Looking to install a new floor? Hoping to replace some old doors? Or perhaps you are in need of a fresh staircase. No matter what the plan may be, you will want the decisions you make to reflect positively on your home interior. The right wood makes all the difference when it comes to interior… Read more

The Basics of Curb Appeal and How to Improve It

Curb appeal is something that every homeowner wants – especially if they intend to sell their home. Curb appeal is essentially the impression that a home makes upon a person. The goal is to have excellent curb appeal so that the second people see your home, they will wish they had one just like it.… Read more

Wooden Stair Designs that Will Add Elegance to Your Home

Stairs. They aren’t something we think about on a regular basis. But wooden stairs crafted just the right way can be a truly impressive and enticing addition to any home. There’s no need to get ahead of things – just because a staircase is elegant doesn’t mean it is structured with extravagant curves and flourishes.… Read more

How to Choose Door Handles and Locksets for Your Home

Every now and then you will realize that you need a new handle and lockset for your door. Maybe you’ve just moved in and the old locksets are a little questionable. Maybe you’re looking to get a brand new door and need the hardware to go with it. Or perhaps your current handles and locksets… Read more

Upgrading Cabinet & Door Hardware

Are you starting to get a little bored when you walk into your kitchen? Or perhaps the doors in your home are all starting to look like they could use a little pick-me-up? Many people experience this feeling, but write it off because they can’t afford brand new cabinets or doors. But you might be… Read more