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How to Choose Door Handles and Locksets for Your Home

Every now and then you will realize that you need a new handle and lockset for your door. Maybe you’ve just moved in and the old locksets are a little questionable. Maybe you’re looking to get a brand new door and need the hardware to go with it. Or perhaps your current handles and locksets are just not functioning like they used to. Whatever the case may be, you will want to pick out the right handles and locksets for your home. Something you can feel comfortable with and something that blends well with the type of house you own.


One of the first things you need to know is what kind of handle you need. Will it go on an interior door or an exterior door? Many handles or door knobs that go on interior doors don’t need to lock. But if you do want locking mechanisms, then you should look into the type of mechanism. Something simple is often best since these types of doors are usually locked for privacy and nothing more.

If the handle is going to be installed on the exterior door, then you will want something a little more intensive. Stronger locksets that are meant to keep others out and ensure that the door stands firm are the right choice. For exterior doors, you can also include additional locksets for added security. Consider what makes you feel the most comfortable. For example, cylindrical locksets mean that the door handle and deadbolt cylinder are separate and require a key for unlocking each. On the other hand, a mortise lock has both of the above integrated so that only one key is required for entry.

Your final decision is cosmetic, but still important if you want your new hardware to match with your home. Steel, brass, and nickel are the typical metals that are used with locksets and handles, but they can also be given different finishes and so forth in order to give them a different look, whether it is a texture-like appeal or just a different color. Styles such as satin nickel or brushed steel each offer something to your home. Do you need warmer colors for warm wood? Or are you looking for something strong and utilitarian? Each one has something it can provide – it’s simply up to you to choose what you feel matches best with your overall home style.

Of course, if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask the manufacturer so you better understand locksets, metal styles, and more. That way you can get the exact handles and locksets that you need.