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When to Use Pre-hung Doors For Your Home

Considering a new door? Or perhaps you’re building a home and aren’t sure if you should use a pre-hung door or a slab door. There are benefits to each, although some work much better in certain situations than others. Knowing when to use a pre-hung door and when to opt for a slab door can… Read more

Home Theater Doors

Hello to all at SunMountain!!! Beth and I received our custom Interior double-arched doors for our Theater entrance, we must say they are a truly a work of art! Beautifully hand crafted, not a single flaw, and we are so happy with our choice to choose SunMountain to build our doors, they really do exceed… Read more

Sun Mountain Opens New Showroom in the San Francisco Design Center

Sun Mountain, Inc. announced today the opening of a new showroom in the San Francisco Design Center. “We are so pleased to be a part of the San Francisco area, and specifically the SFDC. Although we’ve been successfully distributing our products in northern California for the past 10 years, we’re excited to showcase even more… Read more

Is Custom Wood Flooring a Good Choice for You?

Maybe you’ve just purchased a house and are looking to make it your own. Perhaps the current floors are a little questionable. Maybe you’re preparing to sell your home and want to give it an extra boost. Or perhaps you’re just ready for a change in your current home. Whatever the case may be, if… Read more

Elements of a Craftsman Style Home

From looking into buying a new home to upgrading your current one, a craftsman style might be just the style you seek for a fresh start. Because a craftsman style house is about simplicity and showcasing the workmanship of the home, you can feel more at ease, worry less about elaborate decorating, and can get… Read more

Rustic Home Style Guide

One look at a rustic home and comfort immediately comes to mind. There’s just something about being surrounded by those design elements that make people think of being wrapped up in cozy blankets in front of a fire. Cabins tend to utilize rustic style in every way possible, but other homes that aren’t built in… Read more

Custom Doors for Your Wine Cellar

The entrance to your wine cellar should say something. It should be a welcoming gateway, a doorway that you feel proud and pleased to open every time you need a tasteful bottle of something to match with that night’s dinner or the party you’re having. Wine cellar doors come in a wide selection when you… Read more

Oversized French Doors Add to the Grandeur of Your Home

Your home is your castle, but projecting that idea to other people can be a little tough sometimes. One element that can help? Oversized French doors. They look nothing short of elegant, and they’re certain to help your home make the perfect statement. Where do French Doors Work Well? While you can introduce French doors… Read more

Create Unique Curb Appeal with Old World Front Doors

You want your home to have a distinctive, memorable touch, and more than any other element in your home, an Old World front door can do just that. With choices that emulate castles, wine cellars, and more, as well as touches that seem almost rustic in nature, you can have a beautiful modern home with… Read more

Looking for an Upgrade? Designer Wood Moulding is the Way to Go

Almost every homeowner is looking for a quick remodel fix that is both inexpensive and beautiful at the same time. While it may seem like an impossible combination, the simple truth is that designer wood moulding can provide both. Whether you’re looking for something a bit traditional or real elegance, wood moulding can help. It… Read more