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Wooden Stair Designs that Will Add Elegance to Your Home

Stairs. They aren’t something we think about on a regular basis. But wooden stairs crafted just the right way can be a truly impressive and enticing addition to any home. There’s no need to get ahead of things – just because a staircase is elegant doesn’t mean it is structured with extravagant curves and flourishes. Some of the most impressive and stunning wood stair designs are also some of the simplest.

wooden stairs

Remember, wood adds warmth to a location, so it should be given the chance to stand out. If you already have wooden stairs, it may only be a matter of giving them some TLC. If you want a whole new design, there’s nothing wrong with that either.
How about a staircase that is more open? When the risers (the vertical part of the step) are removed, the stairs can be seen through as you walk up them. This can help give the area a better feeling of openness, as well as make your stairs more noticeable and interesting.

Switching up the banister and balusters to other materials can also really make a staircase a stunning part of your home. Instead of bland balusters, look to metallic options such as wrought iron or steel. Some modern homes even forgo both of these and have transformed the banister and balusters into nothing more than a sheet of strong, durable glass. The stairs seem to rise on their own, marching up against the wall.

Stairs 4

When was the last time you gave your stairs and the surrounding areas a new coat of paint? A new finishing coat? Remember that the stairs, as well as the wall and flooring around them, should help to reflect the elegance of the staircase. Treat the area to a fresh coat of paint or finish that highlights areas of the stairs. This can mean making the banister and steps the same color, while the balusters are made to match the color of the walls. Or a wooden staircase with wooden rails can be given a finish for a wholly rustic look.

Take a new look at the newel posts. These are the cornerstones of a staircase – essentially the main baluster at the end of a banister, or placed at corners where the stairs turn. You can switch them out for something with more style, or something more minimalist, depending upon your needs. You might be surprised at how different a staircase can look with fresh newel posts.