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Ideas We Love: Sliding Barn Doors

A sliding door can be extremely handy in many ways. It’s quick, quiet, and can look amazing when you choose the right door. Sliding barn doors – inside! – are the next coolest thing. That’s right – sliding barn doors inside of a house. It may sound odd at the start, but once you see them in action, you’ll be wondering how to implement them in your own home.

Sliding barn doors

Sliding barn doors are a little different from the typical sliding door. Usually a sliding door uses tracks on the bottom as well as the top to slide from one side to the other. Doors can be glass, wood, or a foldable material. But sometimes glass doors can be heavy to push open and pull closed, doors can get stuck in their tracks or come out completely, and foldable material is, well, foldable material. Not all that attractive.

Sliding barn doors, however, are a breath of fresh air in a home that is looking for something unexpected and enjoyable. The concept is very simple – obtain a door that mimics a rustic barn door, attach it to metal pieces that are then put over a metal beam that they can slide back and forth on. The composition of the sliding design includes pieces that ensure the metal does not grate against the metal, allowing you to slide the door open and shut with ease.

You might be surprised at the ways in which people are using sliding barn doors. They can be installed in just about any doorway if you have the room for it. People have placed them as entries to bathrooms, closets, utility rooms, or in transitional spaces, such as from one room to the next.

Even better, sliding barn doors come in all kinds of colors and designs. Most are crafted to look weather-worn in order to keep with the concept of a barn door. Some are painted and then distressed. Others are left with their original wood and then distressed. Some will use the most rustic grade of wood available and then simply give it a protective coat, allowing the original wood to show through. Doors may even be made of reclaimed wood which may have actually come from an old barn!

There are all kinds of great possibilities with a sliding barn door, and it can look really amazing when done in just the right way. People aren’t afraid to add in glass lites in order to modernize the door while keeping the original concept. It is well worth looking at some images online to get some fantastic ideas of your own!