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Contemporary Home Featuring Interior Pocket Doors

Sun Mountain provided all of the interior and exterior doors for this beautiful custom home nestled on a mountainside near the Genesee, Colorado, area. The main entry door is a 21-lite contemporary design, made in select Alder wood (little or no knots), with matching 7-lite sidelites. The glass is clear IG (double pane insulated glass).… Read more

Customize Your Door Inside and Out!

This stunning exterior door and entry masterfully balance contemporary and rustic elements, yet from the inside, it’s all modern.   On the interior side of this amazing entry pair, a natural finish showcases the Maple wood, and the half-circle windows are a perfect complement to the dramatic spherical light fixture hanging just above it. Sun… Read more

Metal Inlays and Overlays

Did you know that Sun Mountain can add metal inlays and overlays to your wood doors? These optional treatments create a one-of-a-kind look for your door design, and can be added to either flush or stile and rail doors. For inlays, we route a channel for the metal so that when installed, the metal is… Read more

Sliding Barn Doors Don’t Have to be Rustic!

Sliding barn doors are often rustic, embodying the warmth and character of the outdoors, the mountains, and even the cowboy West (like this 6’ wide by 7’ tall barn door illustrated in our new San Francisco showroom). But barn doors don’t have to be rustic! Sliding barn doors can be contemporary or even modern in… Read more

Essential Design Elements for a Home Wine Cellar

A home wine cellar can really bring a bit of elegance and Old World comfort to your house. One of the best things about today’s wine cellars is that they have evolved beyond actual cellars. While an area located lower in order to provide a nice, chilled atmosphere is still highly desired and preferred by… Read more

Why Choose a Wooden Door?

  Wooden doors have been used for centuries. It should come as no surprise when you know just how amazing wood is as a material. It has multiple properties which make it an ideal choice for doors. So discover what it takes for wood to be a fantastic door and why we still love it… Read more

How to Incorporate Sliding Barn Doors Into Your Home

Find yourself standing in front of a wide-open doorway and don’t know what to do about it? All you really want is to close it off in a simple, pleasing fashion that can still allow for easy movement between rooms. Yet double doors don’t seem right. And double doors, more often than not, swing open… Read more

Bring Old World Style to Your Home

There are several particular elements of Old World style that can help give your home that change you’ve been looking for. Old World is about comfort – that sort of lived-in look with years behind it. This can mean distressing on woods; deep, rich colors; arched windows; and other things that, while they may initially… Read more

Some Hallmarks of Contemporary Style Homes

Contemporary style homes are easily recognized due to some of the similar and often beautiful elements that give them their modern look. These homes aren’t one for clutter or dark rooms. Instead, it’s all about light, space, and simplicity.   When you step into a contemporary style home, you’ll be greeted by a lot of… Read more