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Rustic Kitchen Ideas

There’s nothing like strolling into a kitchen that you absolutely love. Rustic kitchens can easily be the kitchen you hope to have, and it doesn’t have to mean your entire kitchen has to be reorganized or destroyed. Rather, it’s simply a matter of making some smart decisions in order to find out what works best for your home and how to implement your plans.


The easiest way to start transforming your kitchen into a rustic one is by switching out the cabinets. Some people might protest that they already have wood cabinets, but rustic doesn’t mean just wood – it means a specific style of wood and a particular overall look at the end. In fact, a great many houses have wood cabinets that are nothing close to the rustic design.


Rustic is less perfect. Closer to nature. Wood has more knots and imperfections than other pieces. Colors can vary within a single piece, and the final look is as though raw wood has been cut and placed in your kitchen (with a little sprucing up and protection, of course). It’s like bringing the outdoors inside and it’s not hard to do. All you need is someone to provide you with cabinets made of rustic grade wood. Many manufacturers offer this type of wood because they know that people are always looking for rustic options. Once the cabinets are done, you may not have to do anything else to achieve your rustic kitchen. Remember – the hardware you choose for your cabinets should also apply to the rustic charm!


If you want to take a few more steps to further the rustic look, you can do so by getting the right accents. Do you already own cast iron pots and pans? Try hanging them from the ceiling or walls on pot hooks. Hang up some curtains that help reflect the look of the kitchen. Some people may fret over appliances and how well they fit in – don’t. There isn’t much you can do when it comes to appliances due to their modern designs. At the very least, stainless steel may look best when paired with rustic woods, but ultimately the decision is yours.

Flooring 4

Really want to take your kitchen all the way? Adding in a floor made with rustic wood will really make your kitchen look like it has come out of the woods. It can become a little cabin-like home away from home with all its charm. Don’t forget to hang up a bird feeder outside any windows to help encourage little birds to stop by and say hi to your new rustic kitchen.