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The Basics of Curb Appeal and How to Improve It

Curb appeal is something that every homeowner wants – especially if they intend to sell their home. Curb appeal is essentially the impression that a home makes upon a person. The goal is to have excellent curb appeal so that the second people see your home, they will wish they had one just like it. When selling a house, curb appeal is extremely important as it can help to entice potential buyers to take that next step and set up a time to see the inside. Adding curb appeal doesn’t have to be difficult or break the bank, and it can go a long way in getting your house off the market and into someone’s hands.

Improve Curb AppealStart by giving the front door a makeover. Remember that the front door is one of the very first things that people see. Make it the focus of your home – something people can really zero in on and be positive about. A great paint job with a color that will make the door truly pop can be a good start. Invest in a custom wood door so yours looks like nothing else around. Polish up knobs and locks, or install shiny new hardware.

As people walk up to your home, it’s the little things that can quickly make them wonder about possible neglect. If address numbers are falling off the door, a wall-mounted mailbox is rusting, or an overhead light is broken, it will make people think twice. Put a bit of effort into the little things and not only will you feel better about your house, but other people will too.

Don’t be afraid to add in a few flowers or flora here and there. Container gardens you can set around the front porch, flower baskets that can be hung near the door, or even small batches of flowers around the mailbox are things that people will take notice of. If your home currently has a garden space that is languishing, try to give it new life for a burst of color.

If your yard is looking a little forlorn, you can help it out with a bit of outdoor art. This can work visually as well as with audio cues. Wind chimes, bird baths, or fountains can all be good choices. The sound of water is relaxing and the sight can be a real treat. Wind chimes move smoothly in the breeze and let out sweet notes.

The ultimate and most basic tip of any home and curb appeal – take care of your home. Provide good siding, fresh paint, and new trim whenever the home needs it in order to keep it looking new and fantastic.