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Top 5 Door Trends: 2022

Another year has passed—and it’s been another year of steady interest in the home environment. And we have observed a few trends, both new and enduring, in that essential home design element: the door!

Creative Flush Door Designs
From left: SQ-0005-F008, Wormy Maple with Eagle River glaze; SQ-0001-F010, select Hickory with Winter Rye stain; SQ-0003-F004, Sapele with Clear Coat; SQ-0001-F007, Hard Maple with custom glaze.

1. Creative Flush Door Designs

The modern flush door, particularly in exterior applications, has become a staple of contemporary home design. Creative lite placement, kerfs, and unique wood species have become a creative way to customize these showstoppers and truly make a grand entrance.

1-panel, 1-lite Double Door with Sculptural Grille
SQ-0101-D009, quarter-sawn select White Oak with custom stain and sculptural iron grille.

2. Traditional Designs

But not everyone is drawn to the modern aesthetic. The cottagecore movement has renewed an interest in traditional architectural elements in the home.

The classic 2-panel (or 1-panel, 1-lite) door with classic lock rail made a strong showing in the past year and, by all indications, will continue into the next.

Doors with Distressed Wood
From left: SQ-0200-D008-P, knotty White Oak with wire brushed distress and custom stain; TF-0100-D001-P, knotty Alder with Dyer Mountain glaze and antique distress; TT-0200-D018, knotty White Oak with heavy distress and Glacier Point glaze.

3. Distressed Wood for an Antique Look

Related to the cottage style craze is the “granny chic” movement—a sense of nostalgia and a corresponding revival of home design elements such as floral wallpaper and antique furnishings. This trend has certainly spilled over into door design, with a steady demand for knotty woods, planked panels, and Sun Mountain’s distressed wood, which includes light, medium, and heavy options, as well as the wire-brushed technique. The addition of our furniture-grade, hand-applied glazes further highlights the well-worn appearance of these artisan doors.

Modern Double Barn Door
SQ-0005-D064, rift-sawn select White Oak with wire brushed distress and Winter Rye stain.
Double Barn Door with Metal Inlays
SQ-0000-F090, rift-sawn select White Oak with Grays Peak glaze and metal inlays.

4. Barn Doors (all around the house!)

What was at one time a space-saving solution with rustic roots has become a design choice in homes of all styles. Sleek sliding barn doors, made with both traditional stile-and-rail or flush construction, are often designed with glass or metal inlays. And they are chosen to separate office and studio spaces, bedrooms, and living areas in a range of home styles, from ultra-modern to farmhouse chic to pared-down industrial.

5. Sapele Wood

More and more Sapele wood is the choice of designers who are looking to make a statement in luxury homes across the country. This gorgeous species of hardwood is reminiscent of Mahogany and is known for its distinctive grain figure and iridescent luster. A Clear Coat finish is typically chosen as it accentuates the wood’s stunning natural character.

1-panel, 1-lite door in Sapele
SQ-0101-D006 (with custom kerfs), Sapele with Clear Coat.