Reclaimed Wood

Sun Mountain offers reclaimed woods taken from old buildings, typically from the Appalachian Mountain region of the U.S.                    The company offers reclaimed White Oak, and also reclaimed Barnwood (typically a mixture of Red and White Oak). Reclaimed White Oak is lumber reclaimed from old buildings and re-milled into doors or… Read more

Sun Mountain Contemporary Doors

Modern or Contemporary home designs focus on simplification and elimination of undue ornamentation—facilitating functional, clutter-free living. These homes have open floor plans, odd or irregular shapes, flat roofs (often with multiple roof levels), minimal architectural touches, and oversized (often very tall) windows to welcome natural light.       Contemporary wood doors normally have square… Read more

Speakeasies: A Creative and Functional Design Element

A speakeasy is small window cut into an entry door at eye level, used for secure greeting of visitors (with the term originating from Prohibition America in the 1920s).       Sun Mountain’s speakeasies can be constructed in three different styles—with square, flat arch, or true arch tops.     Speakeasies are typically centered… Read more

2014 Summit County Parade of Homes, Doors by Sun Mountain

Sun Mountain supplied doors and mouldings for nine of the fourteen homes featured in the prestigious Summit County Colorado Parade of Homes, held September 20-21 and 27-28, 2014. These homes were designed and constructed by some of the leading architects and custom builders in Colorado. Information about a few of these Parade homes and the… Read more

Arch Top Doors and Arched Door Frames

Arch Top Doors   Sun Mountain can manufacture doors in six different arched top designs. These include flat arch, true arch (180 degree radius), cathedral arch, elliptical arch, Tudor arch, and gothic arch designs as shown below:   The door below is a Tudor arch interior door, installed at our company showroom in the San… Read more

Hidden Hinges Create “Invisible Doors”

Most swinging doors are mounted on traditional pin and barrel hinges, with the barrels visible on the opening side of the door. Concealed hinges have been used for years on cabinet and furniture doors, and are now growing in popularity on full sized pass-through doors. Sun Mountain offers hidden door hinges from leading manufacturers such… Read more

Using Kerfed Flat Jambs to Create Case-Less Interior Door Openings

Case-less interior door openings (with no case moulding around the door) are growing in popularity, particularly in contemporary and modern home designs. Sun Mountain offers kerfed flat jambs to create these case-less interior door openings. Kerfed flat jambs are slotted on the edge for wrapping the drywall corner bead (rounded or even square drywall corners)… Read more

Custom Size Doors (Thickness, Width, and Height)

Did you know that Sun Mountain can manufacture custom size doors—custom thicknesses, widths, and heights? We commonly produce custom sizes to match existing door openings in upscale remodeling projects, or to meet a specific design or application in a new luxury home. Thickness While the majority of the doors we manufacture are 1-3/4” thick, we… Read more

Contemporary Home Featuring Interior Pocket Doors

Sun Mountain provided all of the interior and exterior doors for this beautiful custom home nestled on a mountainside near the Genesee, Colorado, area. The main entry door is a 21-lite contemporary design, made in select Alder wood (little or no knots), with matching 7-lite sidelites. The glass is clear IG (double pane insulated glass).… Read more