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Traditional Doors Creative Timeless Appeal

1-panel, 6-lite double entry doors

Traditional-style homes never go out of fashion.

With roots in Colonial, Tudor, Victorian, and French Provincial architecture, traditional style encompasses a range of designs, but usually features two-story construction with balanced form, simple rooflines, and dormers for added interest. And the traditional, center-placed front door, along with coordinated interior doors, make these classic homes special.

These stately homes evoke character, quality, and a sense of longevity.

Featured here is a traditional-style 1-panel, 6-lite double entry door (FH-0106-D138-P) with spanning flat arched top. It is made of select Alder with Animas River glaze.

Sun Mountain’s classic doors are typically stile-and-rail construction, made with select wood species (free from major knots), often with raised panels arranged in a symmetrical design, and sometimes enhanced with applied mouldings. Door tops may be square or arched and, to make a strong statement, double doors are often chosen for the home’s entryway.

Tradition Door Designs
From left: FA-0400-D024, rift-sawn select White Oak with Glacier Point glaze; TR-0202-D007-W, select Alder with Snake River glaze; SQ-0300-D039, Hard Maple with Clear Coat; SQ-0700-D065, select White Oak with Mocha stain; TR-0200-D008, select Hickory with Clear Coat; FH-0008-D019-W, select Alder with Slate River glaze.