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Invite Light to Your Home with Glass Doors

Double Entry Door with Baroque Glass
FH-0106-D140, knotty Alder with Snake River glaze, and Baroque glass.

Increasing natural light in an interior space is almost always a good thing. And glass doors—both interior and exterior—are an excellent way to bring more light into your home. Unique glass styles offer different levels of privacy, complement various door types and applications, and suit any architectural style.

Clear Glass

Doors with Clear Glass
TF-0001-D002, knotty Alder with Poudre River glaze, and Clear glass; SQ-0007-D069-W, select Walnut with Caramel stain, and Clear glass.

The most versatile of glass styles, clear glass allows an unobstructed view and full light to pass from one space to the next. And clear glass is appropriate in any style—from this traditionally styled single-paned wine room door to this modern minimalist exterior double door.

Fluted Glass

Doors with 1/2" Reeded Glass
From left: SQ-0005-D064, select rift-sawn White Oak with Winter Rye stain, and 1/2″ Reeded glass; SQ-0005-D064, Hard Maple with Clear Coat, and 1/2″ Reeded glass.

A fluted/corrugated glass style will add some textural interest to your door, obscuring adjacent views without completely obstructing them. Above are examples of ½” Reeded Glass. The reeded pattern can be installed either horizontally or vertically for an additional opportunity to customize your door.

Patterned Glass

Doors with Baroque and Seedy Glass
From left: FH-0106-D140, knotty Alder with Snake River glaze, and Baroque glass (also shown above at the top of this article); SQ-0404-D007, African Mahogany with custom glaze, and Seedy glass.

Patterned and artistic glass styles put less focus on what’s beyond the door and more on the door itself. Here, Baroque Glass truly makes this double entry door extraordinary, and Seedy Glass makes this unique door, sidelite, and transom system even more special.

Opaque Glass

Doors with Satin Etch Glass
From left: SQ-0003-D049-W, knotty Alder with custom stain, and Satin Etch glass; SQ-0003-D005-W, select Alder with Mocha stain, and Satin Etch glass.

Finally, a frosted/opaque glass option will offer privacy, yet more shared light than a solid wood door. This works well for bathrooms, bedrooms, and entry doors in more public settings. Here are examples of Satin Etch Glass in both interior and exterior applications.

And here are some of Sun Mountain’s most popular glass styles.