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Make an Entryway Special with a Flat Arch Top Door

Sun Mountain offers many arched top styles for doors, but the “Flat Arch” is one of the most popular. A flat arch door’s top incorporates a gentle arc, less than a semicircle. This door style is very compatible with traditional, rustic, and cottage styles (but see below for a bit more contemporary application!).

The 6-panel, 6-lite door featured here (design FA-0606-D009) has a flat arch top and is made of knotty Alder, finished in Rio Grande glaze. At 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall, this beautiful door will make a substantial entry to a home in northern California.

1-Panel, 1-Lite Flat Arch Door with Side Lites
Flanked by matching side lites, the flat arch door above (FA-0101-D009) is made of knotty Alder and finished in Cinnamon stain.

And while the flat arch is typically associated with traditional home styles, this flat arch door is quite at home in a more transitional contemporary setting. This door (design FA-0000-F001-P) is flush construction (not stile-and-rail) and features planks and a small speakeasy, is made of knotty White Oak, and is finished in Glacier Point glaze. It, too, is made for a home in northern California.