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Five Door Trends to Watch in 2023

As the year comes to a close and we reflect on the last 12 months, a number of door-related trends emerge—from knotty woods in unexpected places, to chic space saving applications, to sophisticated rustic styling. Read on to see what door trends we believe will continue into the next year…and beyond!

Traditional Door Designs
From left: SQ-0300-D039, Hard Maple, Clear Coat; TR-0202-D007-W, select Alder, Snake River glaze; FA-0400-D024, rift-sawn White Oak, Glacier Point glaze; TR-0015-D005, select Cherry, Poudre River glaze; SQ-0500-D032, Hard Maple, Rio Grande Glaze; SQ-0200-D008, select Walnut, Clear Coat; FA-0400-D005, quarter-sawn select White Oak, Rio Grande glaze.

1. Traditional Style That Never Goes Out of Fashion

We are reminded every year. Traditional-style homes never go out of fashion. Colonial, Tudor, Victorian, and French Provincial architecture evoke character, quality, and a sense of longevity. Doors of classic stile-and-rail construction, made with select wood species (free from major knots), with raised panels arranged in a symmetrical design, and sometimes enhanced with applied mouldings, are definitely mainstays.

3-panel Painted Poplar Door
SQ-0300-D042, painted Poplar double doors.

2. Painted Doors in Luxury Homes

This year we continued to see demand for painted interior doors—in luxury homes of every style, from rustic to contemporary to traditional. Poplar is a great solid wood choice for painted doors. It has a fine grain and even texture, with little to no knots, which accepts paint very well. And Poplar doors are available in Sun Mountain’s custom designs (thousands!), primed in the factory and ready for on-site painting.

As a high-quality, lower cost alternative to solid wood painted doors, Sun Mountain also offers pre-primed MDF interior doors, in three contemporary designs. Demand for this product, too, has grown over the last year.

MDF Door Designs
MDF doors in three contemporary designs, primed and ready for on-site painting.

Pocket Doors
From left: two views of SQ-0003-D005-W, select Alder, Mocha stain; SQ-0100-D001, painted Poplar with mirror insert.

3. Smart and Stylish Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are more popular than ever. Unlike a traditional hinged swinging door, pocket doors slide on a track, “disappearing” into a “pocket” inside the wall. This space-saving solution has been around for more than a century, however, it is used frequently today—not only in tight places, but as an aesthetic choice, for example, to accentuate the clean lines in a minimalist environment.

Modern Home with Knotty Wood Doors
SQ-0500-D061, knotty Alder, customer finished.

4. Crossover Styling: Modern Doors in Knotty Woods

One might expect the doors in a modern style home to be sleek—minimal in design, made of select wood species (with little to no knots). While this is typically the case, this year we saw more and more knotty wood species chosen for modern door designs in ultra modern homes. This unexpected material provides a warm counterpoint to the austere aspects of modern design.

2-panel Modern Door in Knotty Alder
SQ-0200-D057, knotty Alder, Poudre River glaze.
Modern Knotty Walnut Door
SQ-0001-F003, knotty Walnut, Clear Coat.

Rustic Doors
From left: SQ-0300-D045, knotty White Oak, wire brushed distress, customer finished; SQ-0000-F001-P, knotty Alder, Glacier Point glaze.

5. Thoughtfully Considered Rustic Detailing

Rustic style has been around for many years but has broadened in recent years to include Farmhouse, French Country, Industrial, and Bohemian styles. Alongside this expanded interest in all things rustic, rustic-style doors continue to evolve—incorporating interesting details like planked panels, metal inlays and clavos, crossbucks, and distressed wood. Wire brushed distressing, in particular, has grown in demand over the past year.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2023!