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3-lite flush door with horizontal kerfs

Flush wood doors—flat-surfaced doors built with a frame and core material and covered with a smooth wood veneer—are usually associated with the sleek, spare aesthetic of contemporary style.

But spare doesn’t mean basic!

This 3-lite flush door (SQ-0003-F001) with custom horizontal kerfs is made of Soft Maple and finished in Poudre River glaze. Soft Maple is a hardwood with a straight, close grain pattern and fine, even texture. Its colors may vary from a creamy white sapwood to a tan heartwood, with greenish or dark brown streaks.

At four feet wide and eight feet high, this beautiful entry door makes a bold impression at a home in Colorado’s foothills.

How do you make a simple flush door special? Five vertical lites arranged in an asymmetrical pattern (SQ-0005-F005).

Made of select Alder and finished in Espresso stain, the door’s irregular design introduces a dynamic visual that creates a sense of uniqueness and modernity.

Flush door with 5 lites placed in an asymmetrical vertical pattern

Flush door with 5 small square lites arranged in a single row down the center of the door

Walnut wood is renowned for its timeless and natural beauty. With rich, deep hues and a lustrous warmth, it transcends architectural styles and fashionable trends.

And select Walnut (finished in Yampa River glaze) is a perfect choice for this 5-lite flush door (SQ-0005-F001). The small, square lites in a vertical line down the center of the door are both practical and playful in this creative design. This door is currently on display in Sun Mountain’s new Las Vegas showroom.