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Have You Considered Wood Plank Doors?

3-Panel Plank Door

Plank doors may be similar in design to panel doors, but with panels made of large vertical slats—vertical boards placed side-by-side filling the width of the panel space. Planks are an effective detail that creates interest and impact.

Sun Mountain’s custom wood plank doors are manufactured with solid panels with beveled edges, and then “V-grooved” to simulate the individual planks.

V-groove Illustration

Plank doors complement a range of interiors, from formal Traditional and European designs, to the more regional styles of the Mediterranean and American Southwest. The 3-panel plank door with a top rail flat arch shown here is made of knotty Alder and finished in Sun Mountain’s Longs Peak Glaze.

For a more Rustic appearance, the V-grooves may be spaced randomly on the panel surface, giving the door a less formal, more handcrafted look (see below).

Entry Door with Random V-grooves