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The Many Advantages of Dutch Doors

Dutch doors were commonly used in the seventeenth century by Dutch citizens as a way to keep barn animals out of the house, while allowing fresh air and sun to penetrate the living space. Dutch doors were also used to keep children indoors and protected, while letting the desired elements into the home. Because they have a horizontal split between the bottom part of the door and the top half, it made it easy to create the desirable airflow without allowing in unwanted visitors. Dutch doors have been used as stable doors for years and are often referred to as such. The reason for this type of use is the same as it has always been.  It allows the fresh air to penetrate the animals’ living space without escape attempts.

Keep it Modern with a Touch of Yesteryear. Today, Dutch doors are still available and come in a variety of colors and mouldings. The Dutch door can be used as the primary entrance door or can be found on the tool shed.  In fact, there are many potential uses and the ultimate decision of how it fits within the home, or within the boundaries of the property, is really up to the end user. The great news for those who want to welcome the ways of old, but who aren’t quite willing to forego the intricate beauty of today’s modern doors, is that Dutch doors have been vastly updated since the seventeenth century.  The specialized design still works well for dividing spaces or opening to the outside environment, but with a wide variety of glass cuts, mouldings, stains, and colors, it enables the owner to really keep his or her living area unique and modern.

Connect Spaces; Maintain Traffic Flow. Dutch doors are great when there are space restrictions in a home. Some homes may have a stairwell and hallway that converge at the main entrance of a home. If the door were left open, perhaps the stairwell would be blocked or the hallway would be cut off. With a Dutch door, one can still open the top half of the door to allow for the flow of air and light without blocking access.

Keep the Troops Contained. Similarly, for those who want to block off certain areas to pets or young children, this type of door may be the perfect fit. Whether a parent is protecting the child from the busy roads beyond the front door or trying to keep a pet out of the kitchen while preparing dinner, Dutch doors can be very handy.