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Stile and Rail Doors Can be Modern

One Panel Horizontal Grain Door

Modern doors are often flush construction, providing a simple design with minimal embellishments. But modern doors can also be stile and rail construction. Design elements frequently include a square top, one to three panels, square sticking, and flat (not raised) panels—which are also common elements of the “Craftsman-style.” However, other options exist for modern stile and rail doors.

The stile and rail door shown at left is made of select rift-sawn White Oak, finished in Sun Mountain’s Poudre River glaze, and features a horizontal grain raised panel with a square (not rounded or “eased”) profile. When combined with square sticking, the raised square panel creates a gap around the panel—a unique contemporary look with very clean lines. Sun Mountain calls this panel and sticking combination A1-MV (see illustration below). This design was selected for the interior doors of a beautiful home in Carmel, California.

Sun Mountain Profile A1-MV
Sun Mountain profile A1-MV

This door design (SQ-0100-D001) can also be made with a vertical grain panel, in a choice of wood species and finishes, and the panel can be further customized with kerfs (or slots) cut into the face of the panel (as shown below).

1-panel Door with Kerfs
Door Design SQ-0100-D001, with Kerfs

The Door shown at right, also door design SQ-0100-D001, is made of select Walnut. While it features the more traditional vertical grain panel, the A1-MV panel and sticking combination creates a clean, contemporary look. This door is one of the interior doors selected for a home in Iowa.

The 3-panel door below, also with the A1-MV profile, is another example of a modern stile and rail door. While the design (SQ-0300-D045) clearly evokes the Craftsman style, this door is definitely befitting its contemporary Utah home.

3-Panel Door with A1-MV Profile

1-panel Walnut Door with A1-MV profile
Door Design SQ-0100-D001, with detail of A1-MV profile (inset)