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Some Hallmarks of Contemporary Style Homes

Contemporary style homes are easily recognized due to some of the similar and often beautiful elements that give them their modern look. These homes aren’t one for clutter or dark rooms. Instead, it’s all about light, space, and simplicity.


When you step into a contemporary style home, you’ll be greeted by a lot of clean lines and spacious rooms. Any decorations used are simple and have meaning. You can be certain that anything placed inside a contemporary home – design or accessory-wise – was chosen with care. A mirror might be placed to help reflect light. Furniture may be of simple wood or metal – or a smart blend of both. Wood for doors, flooring, and other areas is also given careful consideration depending upon what the owner of the house is looking for. But no matter what, it remains simple – no unnecessary elaborate designs, and plenty of functional use.


This means that you can expect a lot of natural light. This includes lites in doors. Glass windows – lites – in the door can help warm up a home as well as provide it with illumination. No need for any superfluous light fixtures. Doors can have a handful of lites or one large pane for maximum lighting capability. Having these lites also helps appeal to the openness of the house. Contemporary styles like to let the outside in, all while keeping things modern and comfortable.


Some may think a contemporary home has to look like a piece of modern art, but it’s more than what the exterior looks like. It’s about the interior and the way it is designed for minimalism. Moulding is still used in smart fashion. Wood is used to enhance the look of the home. Color is used to make bold statements here and there. Basic shapes are encouraged. For example, a wood floor would most likely be made from high grade wood for a smooth and even finish.


Bringing contemporary style to your own home is possible, but may require some effort depending upon the current design of your home. Consider that simple wood floorings, no-nonsense stairs, and simple doors, among other things, are pieces that make up the whole. At the very least, you can indeed begin with a door that allows in more light than your current door. Study examples of contemporary style doors and choose one that best fits your desires.


Consider some of the elements that make contemporary homes what they are and see how you can incorporate them into your home for a smoother, cleaner look.