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Solid Wood Painted Doors, a Trend in Luxury Homes

3-panel Painted Poplar Door
SQ-0300-D042, painted Poplar double doors.

Painted doors are suited to nearly any style of home. Doors painted white can give a room a more spacious look. They can also stand out and make a bold impression. White doors can brighten a space, or calm it as a counterpoint to an environment’s darker elements. And a boldly painted front door can add a pop of color that makes a home’s exterior memorable.

1-panel Single, Barn, and Double Painted Poplar Doors
SQ-0100-D001, these painted Poplar doors (a single door, barn door, and double doors!) are a nice contrast to the rough-hewn log interior wall.

But choosing the correct wood species for doors that are painted is a crucial consideration. Poplar is an excellent choice for a painted finish, providing a solid wood alternative to composite materials so often used when a painted door finish is desired. With little to no knots, Poplar is a hardwood with a relatively straight grain and fine, even texture. It accepts paint very well. It is also significantly less expensive than other clear hardwood species like Mahogany, Cherry, select Alder, and Sapele.

Sun Mountain offers a factory primed option for your custom doors, so they are ready for on-site painting.

3-panel and 7-panel Painted Poplar Doors
Left: SQ-0300-D042, white painted door is a calm complement to a modern starburst tile floor. Right: SQ-0700-D065, factory-primed Poplar door—in an interesting modern design—ready for on-site painting.
1-panel Painted Poplar Door with Mirror Insert and Blue Painted Flush Poplar Door
SQ-0100-D001, painted Poplar pocket door with mirror insert. Right: SQ-0001-F003, Poplar flush door painted a lovely sky blue looks great against the home’s natural wood siding.