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Set your home apart with unique hardwood doors. Sun Mountain custom doors are available in 17 domestic and exotic wood species (plus reclaimed barnwood). CLICK HERE to learn more about grades, cuts, hardness, and the distinct characteristics of these different types of wood.

And CLICK HERE to see Sun Mountain’s standard finish colors on 17 wood species.

6-panel, 6-lite Knotty Alder Door
Alder, Knotty (Rio Grande Glaze), FA-0606-D009
Flush Door in Ash
Ash, Northern White (Clear Coat), SQ-0000-F002 (with custom metal inlays)
Louver Double Door in Beech
Beech (Clear Coat), SQ-0100-D003
4-panel Door in Cedar
Cedar, Spanish (Pin-knot) (Hope Mountain Glaze), SQ-0402-D073-W
2-panel Door with Crossbuck in Cherry
Cherry, Select (Snake River Glaze), SQ-0200-D012-Z
10-panel, 1-lite Door in Hickory
Hickory, Select (Clear Coat), SQ-1001-D012
5-Panel Door in Mahogany
Mahogany, African (Snake River Glaze), SQ-0500-D032
3-Panel Door in Hard Maple
Maple, Hard (Clear Coat), SQ-0300-D039
2-panel Door in Wormy Maple
Maple, Wormy (Yampa River Glaze), SQ-0200-D008
7-panel, 3-lite Door in Red Oak
Oak (Red), Select (Clear Coat), TF-0703-D033
1-panel, 1-lite Door in White Oak
Oak (White), Select (Grays Peak Glaze), TT-0101-D002 (with V-grooves)
30-lite Door in Poplar
Poplar (Blackcurrant Stain), SQ-0030-D001
1-panel, 1-lite Door in Spell
Sapele (Clear Coat), SQ-0101-D006 (with custom kerfs)
2-panel Door in Knotty Walnut
Walnut, Knotty (Clear Coat), TR-0200-D008-P
4-panel Door with Crossbucks in Reclaimed Barnwood
Reclaimed Barnwood (Clear Coat), SQ-0400-D035-X


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