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Rustic Home Style Guide

One look at a rustic home and comfort immediately comes to mind. There’s just something about being surrounded by those design elements that make people think of being wrapped up in cozy blankets in front of a fire. Cabins tend to utilize rustic style in every way possible, but other homes that aren’t built in a log cabin fashion can still be rustic with the right construction and décor.


The one thing that all rustic style homes have in common is wood. And not just any wood – wood that is of a lower grade. That doesn’t mean it is of lower quality – it just means it includes many more of what tend to be called “imperfections,” such as knots, pinholes, and uneven grain. Wood is utilized in many ways throughout the home. This is very prevalent in the solid wood flooring.


Flooring in a rustic home helps to tie the style together. In essence, it’s a staple of the rustic home style. It just isn’t the same with carpeting! Wood is warm and inviting, holds heat well, and remains cooler during summer months. You can always choose the wood species that you want installed, so you can pick from lighter tones to richer, darker shades.


Doors can be fashioned into a number of designs for a rustic home, though you will want to keep the same theme of wood throughout. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a door with glass, however. In fact, rustic homes may be made with wood and stone, but they are also representative of the outdoors, which invites in natural light and a sense of the outside. An entryway door can have a few small glass lites to a vast majority of the door fashioned with glass.


Inside, from wood ceilings, in which the beams are purposely exposed, to stone fireplaces, everything is crafted with nature in mind. Even interior doors and mouldings reflect the sense of nature in their simplicity, knotty wood, and design. Décor can vary – some people prefer to keep their rustic home simple, with comfortable, earth tone furniture, accents of stone, carefully crafted tables, and other items that echo the outdoors. Others continue with that theme, but fill up their home with items made from naturally gathered antlers, faux fur rugs to lounge on, and bed made of similar knotted wood.


However you decorate your rustic home, keep it natural, simple, and comfortable. Being in a rustic home is all about comfort while enjoying what nature has to offer.