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Reclaimed Wood

30168.1Sun Mountain offers reclaimed woods taken from old buildings, typically from the Appalachian Mountain region of the U.S.Rustic Barn Door #4






         The company offers reclaimed White Oak, and also reclaimed Barnwood (typically a mixture of Red and White Oak).

Antique White Oak, Reclaimed #1Reclaimed White Oak is lumber reclaimed from old buildings and re-milled into doors or wide-plank flooring. Replicating the look of traditional colonial flooring, this product offers the superior strength and stability of old-growth wood without the environmental cost. Reclaimed White Oak’s rustic features include knots, insect scarring, nail holes, and areas of weathered patina.


Granary Oak, ReclaimedReclaimed Barnwood is sourced from old buildings, barns, and granaries, and is typically a mix of Red and White Oak. Its distinctive antique look includes both textured and planed surfaces, unusual grain patterns, saw-tooth etchings, nail holes, insect scarring and other distinguishing character marks. This lumber is often Skip Planed for flooring to highlight the grain, figure and patina of the wood without removing all of the natural wear, saw mill marks and character.Flooring 11Flooring 12


Doors made of reclaimed wood create a stunning and spectacular rustic look. Such doors are now frequently mixed with other modern aesthetic elements of the home to achieve the trendy “Urban Rustic” or “Industrial Chic” design.

28792.1#2Rustic Barn Door #1

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