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Prime Time! Custom Doors Primed and Ready for Paint

Primed Custom Wood Door

Painted exterior doors have been a statement design choice for decades, but painted interior doors are growing in popularity—perhaps a more interesting way to add color to a room than the once trendy “accent wall.”

Did you know that Sun Mountain can prime coat wood doors, preparing them for on-site painting? Sun Mountain applies a white primer to the natural wood (shown on the door featured here). Pricing is just $120.00/unit, which includes priming both the door slab and the jamb. For interior jambs, the adjustable stop is finished separately, allowing for easy removal during installation and eliminating the need for touch-up behind the stop. Many customers are selecting primed real wood doors (versus MDF) and then painting the doors on-site in today’s popular gray or black colors, and pairing their doors with a lighter trim and wall paint.

Poplar, with its select grain (mostly clear of knots) and value price is ideal for priming/painting. But other woods are increasingly primed for paint—including Alder (another value-priced wood). The door featured here is made of Poplar (and the design—SQ-0700-D065—has an interesting history). It is one of a houseful of doors built and primed by Sun Mountain for a contemporary home outside Seattle.