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How Crown Mouldings Finish a Room

Crown mouldings have been used to finish the interior of rooms for centuries and continue to be the most popular way to trim an interior room.  Crown mouldings are used to cover and decorate the area where the wall and ceiling come together.  They come in a variety of shapes, lengths, widths, and styles. Cabinetry makers often use crown moulding to flare out the tops of the cabinets, as well.  This provides a finished look to the piece and gives them an added touch of class.  Though most often tied to a very classical décor, crown moulding has been revamped to fit nearly any setting, providing a perfect finish to an established look.

Crown moulding can be found along walls and ceilings but also on the tops of bookshelves, fireplaces, and entryways. Some of the most famous buildings in the world that are considered architecturally and stylishly designed have the best crown moulding designs. These designs are then copied and manufactured so that others can enjoy the rich look of a finished room with crown mouldings, but at a much reduced cost compared to the larger, custom-made pieces.  That is good news for those who want to enjoy the beauty without completely breaking the remodeling budget.

Installation of crown mouldings is often a delicate, time-consuming process because many angles in existing homes are not perfect ninety or forty-five degrees. So a mitering saw has to be used to cut the angles to fit the mouldings together, or a coping saw can be utilized to get the exact fit. It is this sort of attention to detail that makes a room with the moulding pop.

Of course, the cost of this type of finish trim can range significantly, depending on the look you are attempting to achieve.  The most affordable pieces are mass-produced and sold by numerous retailers at just cents per foot.  However, more unique finishes can tack on dollars per foot.  The cost will also depend on the material used.  Pine moulding, for instance, will generally cost less than those pieces crafted of hardwood, such as ash, cherry, or oak.

The important part to take away from this thought process is that there is crown moulding to fit every budget.  There are also selections to fit any décor, from the most rustic country cabin to the most elegant Victorian home.  Regardless of the look you are trying to achieve, crown moulding has a lot to offer, providing the finishing touch that gives any space a desirable unity.