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Glass Doors

When deciding on the type and style of a new, exterior glass front door, there are many things to keep in mind.  The way in which your home is decorated speaks volumes for your style and taste.  Aside from the aesthetic aspect of choosing a glass framed door, it’s important to know a few things to look for and be aware of.  Glass in exterior doors is a wonderful way to add pizzazz to the outward appearance of your house. Here are a few considerations:

  • Know the pros and cons of glass – the more elaborate the glass, the more expensive the cost.
  • Keep energy efficiency in perspective – hot and cold air are generally lost through leaks around the door, not through the glass door itself.
  • Remember that size matters – when replacing a door, you may want to consider a taller or wider door.  You may also want to think about adding sidelights or even a transom. The framing will need to be redone and may require the expertise of a professional installer.

A new single glass door can range in price from $500 – $1200.  This price takes a drastic jump if you want a double door with beveled, stained, or frosted glass.  Costs can easily extend to over $2500.

According to Consumer Reports, wood framing for glass doors has a high-end look that other types try to mimic and is least likely to dent; scratches are easy to repair. On the other hand, a glass door is very expensive and requires regular maintenance – painting or varnishing — to look its best.

So remember, be aware that glass doors are expensive but they make up for it with high aesthetic value.  You will have to enlarge the framing and that means extra cost or you can stick with the size of your current door.  In most cases, glass doors only come in wood.  Steel and fiberglass do not have glass as an option.

Glass gives an air of sophistication, and provides a new and exciting visual to your front entrance.  As a side note, hardware is an added expense because your custom-made glass door usually does not include hardware.  Take your time in exploring this option when you are ready to go forward with you glass door.  Keep all this in mind when it comes time for you to research the type, style, and architectural design of your new glass door.