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Flush Doors

Perhaps considered the most basic door type available, the flush door is a door that has no stiles, rails, or panels.  In other words, the surface of the door is smooth.  These doors can be constructed of solid or hollow wood, or even metal.  Flush doors are commonly used as interior doors in homes, and they are known more for their functionality than their aesthetic appeal.  However, these doors certainly don’t have to be boring, and there is a lot you can do with this type of door to spruce it up.

Some people opt for flush doors because they truly don’t want a lot of attention focused on the entryway into a room.  Instead, they have another focal point, such as a piece of furniture, art, or other object that they want to play up.  Flush doors are also often used in contemporary homes, where clean lines and smooth surfaces are desired.  Conversely, some people have flush doors simply because they can be more affordable.

If you have flush doors in your home and are looking for a way to add some character to them, there is really a lot you can do.  Doors can be painted, stained, or even carved into if it is a solid door.  Consider all that you can do with a can of paint and some stencils.  Many people paint patterns onto doors, transforming the door into a work of art.  Flush doors also look great when painted a bold color.  Look at the décor in the room where the door is, and think about how you can incorporate that onto the door itself.  Give some thought to the hardware on the door as well.  A bright, funky doorknob may be just what you need for a finishing touch.  If you think about it, a flush door is really a blank canvas of sorts.  There is so much you can do with it, and much of it is very affordable as well.

In no way do flush doors have to be completely utilitarian or bland, unless, of course, you want them to be.  The beauty of the flush door is its versatility, as there are numerous artistic touches that can be done to make it completely unique.