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Walnut Wood Clear Coat Sample
Walnut with a clear coat finish

Prized for its distinctive color patterns and lustrous patina that develops over time, Walnut is a favorite choice for custom wood doors in some of the most distinguished homes.

Walnut’s grain is mostly straight and open, although some boards may have a burled or curly pattern. Its color varies from a nearly white sapwood to a deep chocolate brown with purplish hues.

And Walnut is versatile, with designers choosing it for doors in traditional-style estates, sleek modern homes, and chic rustic retreats. Here are Walnut doors in three different styles.

3-panel door with top rail arch and transom

This classic design features a top rail arch, three equal panels, and Walnut wood finished in Rio Grande glaze. The working transom is a brilliant detail that underscores the home’s traditional inspiration.

Walnut flush door

This sleek, modern door’s prominent feature is clearly the wood. Walnut’s straight grain pattern is accentuated by the horizontal orientation of the flush surface. A Clear Coat finish allows the natural color variation to shine.

1-panel Rustic Walnut doors

One-panel doors made of knotty Walnut: one a traditional swing door, the other an impressive five-foot-wide by eight-foot-tall barn door. The knotty wood and dark custom glaze are a perfect complement in a rustic or industrial chic setting.

Sun Mountain offers factory pre-finish options for its doors and other millwork products. Our high-quality, hand-applied stains and glazes come in 28 colors (plus Clear Coat). Here is the collection shown on Walnut.

Walnut in Sun Mountain's standard finishes