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Doors are not only functional elements of a built environment; they are the gateways to our living spaces, reflections of our style, and statements of innovation. And—just like any element of style—door trends continue to develop and change. Here are some of the trends we’ve seen over the past year (and trends we expect will continue!).

1.  Black Statement Doors

6-lite flush door with Black statin

3-panel door with Black stain
SQ-0005-F008 (left), Wormy Maple, and SQ-0300-D045, select Poplar, both with Black Stain.

Black doors have captured significant popularity in home design, offering a bold and sophisticated aesthetic and complementing home styles from traditional to contemporary. Black doors provide a striking contrast against neutral or light-colored walls, adding a touch of drama to an entryway or interior room. In 2023 Sun Mountain introduced Black stain, a new option in its line of standard finish colors.

1. Doors with Vertically Oriented Design

5 doors with vertically oriented designs
From left: TT-0101-D002, select White Oak, finished in Grays Peak glaze; HF-0200-D001, knotty Alder, finished in Rio Grande glaze; SQ-0003-D005-W, select Cherry, finished in Clear Coat; SQ-0200-D001, knotty Alder, finished in Blackcurrant stain; SQ-0300-D001, Wormy Maple, finished in Poudre River glaze.

Probably the most familiar convention in door design is horizontally oriented multi-panel layouts where a door’s face is divided by horizontal rails, creating two, three, or more panels. However, vertically oriented custom doors, where a vertical mullion divides the door’s face, have turned door design on its side!

3. Doors Made of White Ash

Detail of select Ash
A smooth-grained hardwood valued for its strength and hardness, Northern White Ash is the choice of a growing number of discerning customers.

Ash is an economical alternative to more expensive species like White Oak. Its pleasing combination of typically straight grain and curly patterns gives it a striking character, reminiscent of Oak. It has a density similar to White Oak as well.

3-Panel Ash double door with spanning true arch top, planked panels, and clavos
TH-0300-D045-P, select White Ash, finished in Hope Mountain glaze.

4. Pivot Doors

Pivot door, from inside and outside
SQ-0001-F003, knotty Walnut, finished in Yampa River glaze.

In architecture and design, pivot doors are emerging as distinctive and stylish alternatives to traditional hinged options. These innovative doors rotate on a spindle affixed to the top and bottom of the door, installed several inches from the door’s edge, creating a captivating visual effect that commands attention. And, the central pivot point distributes the door’s weight more evenly, allowing for taller and wider doors, and grander entrances.

5. Pocket Doors

3-lite Pocket Doors
SQ-0003-D005-W, select Alder, finished in Mocha stain.

The pocket door trend has gained momentum in recent years and shows no signs of slowing. These sleek and space-saving doors that slide seamlessly into the wall eliminate the need for traditional swing doors that can take up valuable floor space. Homeowners and designers alike are drawn to both the aesthetic and functional benefits of pocket doors, as they offer a clean, modern look while optimizing room layouts.

In addition to building beautiful custom wood pocket doors, Sun Mountain distributes the highest quality heavy-duty pocket door frame and hardware system, with an optional soft close/open mechanism. (Click the video below to see a quick demo.)

Whether it’s a bold, sophisticated black front door, a functional space-saving pocket door, or an unexpected custom door design, door choices are redefining the concept of entranceways in our homes. And the possibilities are as diverse and exciting as the spaces they lead to!