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Distressed Wood

Planing door closeupSun Mountain can “distress” new wood, giving it an antique, time-worn look and feel. Using traditional and specialty tools and techniques, skilled artisans at Sun Mountain can produce different levels of distress. Standard distress options are:

distress graphic

2 distressed doorsWhile distressing is especially dramatic on rustic (knotty) wood species, it can produce equally interesting effect when applied to select wood grades (mostly clear of knots).

The door on the left is made from knotty Alder. It is an 8-foot-tall exterior door with a flat arch and speakeasy. The factory-applied Dyer Mountain glaze further highlights the antique distressing. The interior door on the right is smaller, at 6-feet, 8-inches tall and only 2-feet wide. The wood is Sapele, an African tropical wood reminiscent of Mahogany. Here the heavy distressing adds texture and visual interest, and creates a less formal presence.



The two images below, from the same home, show a light distress applied to exterior and interior doors of Select Alder (with Redcliff Mountain glaze). Much more subtle in effect than the heavily distressed doors above, these examples show how the application of thoughtfully placed scratches and dings can add a pleasant sense of maturity to the wood.

travis interior resizedtravis entry resized


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