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Custom Doors for Your Wine Cellar

The entrance to your wine cellar should say something. It should be a welcoming gateway, a doorway that you feel proud and pleased to open every time you need a tasteful bottle of something to match with that night’s dinner or the party you’re having. Wine cellar doors come in a wide selection when you choose the right manufacturer. They can provide you with a beautiful door as per your instructions for just the right touch.


You may discover that the vast majority of wine cellar doors that you come across include glass lites in their design. This is because over the years the definition of a wine cellar has changed. No longer are collections of wine sitting beneath ground in actual cellars. Intelligent construction and technology have allowed us to keep wine cellars at the same level as other rooms – simply keeping them chilled through controlled temperatures. So why would you block off a gorgeous view of all your prized wine?


The door you select can be 100 percent customizable to your choices. A manufacturer that is serious about providing customers what they desire will give you all the room you need to choose the wood species, wood grade, the hardware for your door, any finishes or coatings, the number of panels on the door, the size of the glass, and the type of glass lite. Choices in wood and glass can be quite large and may actually take you some time to decide upon. Don’t worry – this is your door and these days you can take all the time in the world by perusing a website provided by the manufacturer. Those serious about their door offerings will show you examples of wood, hardware, and glass designs. You can opt for clear, patterned, or frosted glass lites. Likewise, do you want the top of the glass lite to be arched or be in the traditional square shape? The possibilities are endless!


Give yourself the gift of a custom wine cellar door. No wine cellar is complete without the right entrance. People will be wowed by the beautiful door that is installed and wonder at the wine you have shelved behind it. They may peek in through the glass, or wait in anticipation, blocked by frosted glass. Everything is under your control, allowing you to have the exact door that you want. You will be pleased each and every time that you walk past it.