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Adding Style with Box Beams

Exposed wood beams are a beautiful way to add dimension and character to a room and—depending on design, wood species, finish color, and distressing—can complement a variety of architectural motifs, from Traditional to Rustic to Industrial Chic.

blog lead imagesBeam-SMBox beams are hollow wood beams—three- or four-sided structures built to replicate solid beams. Sun Mountain manufactures custom box beams in “L”, “U”, or “O” shapes.

L Beam drawing 2U Beams
O Beams

The company’s box beam products are available in over 20 wood species, and more than 30 standard factory pre-finishes. In addition, Sun Mountain can distress the wood in Light, Medium or Heavy distressed wood options.

distress graphic


Box beams are made from long solid-wood pieces, with corners joined and glued with a unique curved miter joint.

box beam joint

Beam sections can be up to 10’ in length for Alder wood species, and up to 12’ in length for all other species. Individual sections can then be joined together with a “butt joint” to create longer continuous box beam lengths. The butt joint is secured using a “dog bone” connector, with seams nearly invisible on factory pre-finished material.

dog bone

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