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Added Definition for Better Design: Base and Case Moulding

If you have ever shopped for a new home, then you likely recognize the importance of base and case moulding.  The strips of decorative wood provide a clean finish to the room, breaking the floor from the wall, framing windows, and doors.  If you are concerned that the trendy white, sleek trim will clash with your current décor, then you will be happy to know that base and case moulding comes in a variety of styles and can be stained or painted to meet your needs.

For the Contemporary Home

With many people embracing a modern look today, it is very simple to find the clean, defined lines and stark white trim that is generally most well-accepted in this type of motif.  However, when modern turns contemporary, unusual angles can make the trimming a bit more of a challenge.  Nevertheless, the finish workers are expert at fitting any room with the boxy trim.  It would be best for the owner of a contemporary home or a modern décor to choose moulding that is boxy or devoid of too much detail.  Otherwise, the result could distract from other elements of the room.

For the Colonial Home

Colonial homes, along with their matching elegant décor, most common in the northeastern region of the United States, utilize a completely different style of base and case moulding.  In these homes, straight lines meet gorgeous detail for a truly classic feel.  Like the trim recommended for contemporary homes, this style of house will call for a boxy moulding with straight lines, but detail is not to be ruled out.  Beautifully routed edges will play nicely alongside the symmetrical window panes.

For the Rustic Home

Far from contemporary, this style home and décor is a sort of throwback to the days of old.  It welcomes the outdoors in and often features very natural elements, such as exposed wood beams, knotty hardwood flooring, and stone facades.  Mouldings used in a modern space would look out of place here, where the key is to maintain a natural look.  Forget the paint and stain, bare wood with a very simplistic look is most likely to be at home in such a space.

For the Victorian Home

A step beyond the Colonial, which may maintain a slightly modern air, a Victorian home truly speaks of a time past.  This style has existed since the nineteenth century, when Queen Victoria stood at England’s helm and demonstrated a true love for all things fine and beautiful.  Others recognized her great taste and began to borrow from it, developing a style that is intricate, with a great attention to the most minor details.  Moulding used in this type of space must be the same.

The point is that regardless of what type of décor you love, there is a base and case moulding to match.  The key is to find the right fit and execute it well for long lasting beauty.